Energy Code Compliance

Summit County and the Town of Breckenridge have adopted the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code.  They have also adopted measures above code within the Summit Sustainable Building code.  

If you are a homebuilder or contractor within Summit County there are some important changes that you should be aware of.  The new code requires that every new home has a visual inspection to verify that air barrier, air sealing, and insulation measures have been completed in accordance with new standards.  This typically requires 2 inspections during the course of construction.  The first inspection occurs at the pre-insulation phase, and the second inspection occurs during the pre-drywall phase.

 You may also choose a blower door option, which will test if the home has met the air tightness requirements of the new code.  The blower door inspection occurs right before you obtain a certificate of occupancy, or when all penetrations have been properly sealed.

Deeper Green Consulting encourages you to do both inspections and the blower door test until you become familiar enough with the new standards that you will be almost guaranteed to pass the blower door test in future projects. 

To offset these new costs of inspection, you can also receive a full HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating through Deeper Green Consulting, and receive substantial rebates from Xcel Energy.  Please see our HERS rating page for more information about the benefits to you. 

Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail so we can get you an accurate quote and expected rebates to lower your costs.