Home Energy Score

Home Energy Score Energy Audit Summit County Colorado EnergySmartThe Home Energy Score is a home energy rating developed by the Department of Energy. The rating on your house is comparable to the MPG rating on your car. It rates the home on a scale of 1-10, based on how efficient the home uses energy. Unlike a traditional energy audit that is based on utility bills, the Home Energy Score only uses the attributes (furnace, insulation levels, windows, etc.) of the home to calculate the home energy score. This allows a homeowner to compare her or his home's efficiency (and long-term cost with concern to energy bills) to another home, or their neighbor’s home. So similar to how you might go car shopping, and compare the MPG rating between two vehicles, you can do the same with homes. Like a car, your actual fuel mileage may vary with occupancy and use, but the Home Energy Score provides a standard way for a consumer to compare the efficiency of homes of similar size in your area. The Score also has a feature that shows the amount of energy and financial savings there would be if the owner made different upgrades.

Deeper Green Consulting provides a COMPLIMENTARY Home Energy Score with every ENERGY AUDIT.  Please contact us with any inquiries.