Have you thought about getting an energy audit done on your home? Knowing how your home operates and what updates are most beneficial is the first step to improving the comfort of your home and the size of your bank account!  We are well versed and qualified to do the work required for you to qualify for a rebate.


So what's stopping you? Perhaps the price? Well, now you can get an energy audit done on your home and save $200! You may even qualify for more rebates depending on how your home scores and what upgrades you make. It's easy!


Here's how it works; call us to schedule your energy audit, we'll come to your home to perform the audit and provide you with the mail in rebate. The initial fee is $350 all you have to do is fill out the rebate, mail it in and you'll receive a check in the mail from Xcel for up to $200! See, easy!


We'll also provide you with an in depth audit report on how your home scored, discuss any questions you may have and help you make the right decision on what upgrades to perform. That means, you only pay $150 for a full analysis of your home.


Click here to contact us and get your energy audit quote!


 If you are a builder, contact us to find out how to participate in the new green building programs in the State of Colorado!